After that managers will use CheckPoint 360 Competency Feedback System in order to locate their possible points and their regions of improvement, they can make use of the CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series in order to develop the attributes that are important for their professional growth and success. The CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series it is advantageously placed in the Internet, rendering easy in the application and implementation of its.
The CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series constitutes organised, self-adjusting, individual study system of professional growth that requires the minimal effort from the HR.
It includes material of constant research which it helps managers improve output in all the following competencies (attributes):

  • Hearing of others
  • Promotion of Information
  • Effective Communication
  • Establishment of Confidence
  • Benefit of Directions
  • Entrusting of Competences
  • Adaptation in the Situations
  • Creative Thought
  • Creation of Personal Relations
  • Service of Common Success
  • Efficient Work
  • Competitive Work Undertaking of Action
  • Achievement of Results
  • Culture of Individual Talents
  • Achieved Mobilisation
  • Demonstration of Engagement
  • Search of Improvement

The SkillBuilder applies unique system KSS of Profiles that helps managers CONTINUING (KEEP DOING) make things that make well, THEY STOP (STOP DOING) those things that prevent their effectiveness, and THEY BEGIN (START DOING) things that will improve their output.

The SkillBuilder encourages their managers to execute works better. It gives accent in the importance managers for the organism and his objectives and it has big share in the improvement of productivity, in the appearance of less problems with the persons, in the increase of retain ability of workers and in the bigger profits.

The SkillBuilder constitutes an ideal method for managers so that they improve their leading and administrative dexterities. It can be used anywhere also whenever one and it is found in internet.

Managers that take part in the Line CheckPoint Skill Builder they find the process easy and convenient. After they correspond in the questions and take the exercises online, they step a button on the screen in order to they print out a adapted Report This of - Improvement that it constitutes
plan of action for their professional growth.

The use of Skill Builder has big value because the productivity, the collaboration, the communication, the maintenance of workers and the profits are increased, while the problems of persons they are decreased. The Line CheckPoint Skill Builder is the easy, effective system for better administration. It gives in the managers tools that need in order to they maximize their possible points, to become better managers and to lead more effectively!