The TBSM™ (Total Business Solution Model) is an innovative administrative platform that provides to the organisations the capability to have integrated operation solutions. TBSM™ offers specialised and innovative solutions taking into consideration the particularities and the culture of each enterprise, aiming their continuous improvement.

Some of the TBSM™ characteristics are:

Anthropocentric, it concentrates in the employees because human resources are the    crucial point in every company and only if the right person has the right job could achieve the    company's goals.
• Give particular emphasis and simultaneously develop the company's culture.
• It develops an administrative system which delimits with clarity, plenitude and    objectivity    the indicators of measurement and evaluation of employees' productivity.
• It determines and coordinates all the essential stages that lead to the final result which    are : Audit –› Set –› Plan –› Assess –› Do –› Check –› Act –› Evaluate –› Audit.
• It gives emphasis in the continuous education and personal improvement of the company's    employees.
• It operates as a monitoring system that develops, implements and improves the    strategic    necessities (innovation, speed, flexibility and adaptability, quality but simultaneously    and    VALUE for money).